A state of separation

Every physical being on this planet is your partner in co-creation, and if you could accept that and appreciate the diversity of desires and beliefs, all of you would have a more expansive, satisfying, fulfilling experience.
— Abraham Hicks

Every.  Living. Being.  Without exception.   No size limits.  No definition of species.  This includes dolphins (don’t we all loved dolphins) , koalas (aww!) wolves (controversial – love ’em or hate ‘ em), toads (kinda weird but…cool), butterflies (pretty), eagles (majestic), fireflies (ooh, aah!),  platypus (goofy),  ticks…WHAT?! Ticks?  Ick! Ticks bite! They are creepy and disgusting!  They suck your blood and transmit disease! Kill them all!

And there we have it.  The tip of the iceberg.  the reason I am starting this blog.  Western civilization – the US in particular – has teetered precariously out of balance with Mother Nature and especially with some of her more diminutive creations.

Where did it start, this fear of tiny things? Was it in the home, with Mom yelling “Eek!  Kill it”?  Enough such yells and some enterprising person develops the idea of earning a living by killing or removing bugs for people for a fee.  To generate more income, he would go door to door, peddling fear and the hope of salvation together for $20 per month in the form of bug eradication.  Take that to the next level and someone invents  a   poison to kill bugs more efficiently.  Ooh! bugs chewing on  a couple plants in your crops? Let’s create a chemical to kill them.

From possibly humble beginnings an all-out war on bugs is now being waged.  People have poison sprayed around their houses and in their yards to the possible (sometimes fatal) detriment of all other animals and humans who come in contact with these toxins.  All so that they are not annoyed by ants,  scared by spiders or creeped-out by crickets.

We have become a nation so alienated from Nature that a ‘nice’ garden is a wasteland in which no living creature can survive-except for possibly birds we invite into our yards by offering bird feeders full of seed. 

insects are vilified.  Spiders are feared, demonized, hated and hunted.  cockroaches arouse feelings of disgust.  We are virtually at war with an entire kingdom of beings whose combined weight far surpasses that of the entire human race.

If these creatures are truly our partners in  co-creation as Abraham says, what are we creating?  Absolute separation.  A chasm between humanity and these tiny, so significant creatures who represent so very many aspects of ourselves.  To heal ourselves, to heal our planet, we must heal our relationship with this incomparable, indescribably diverse Kingdom of animals so very different from ourselves and yet so closely mirroring aspects of ourselves we may not want to  see, face or deal with.

This then is the purpose of my blog.  To entice, inform.  entertain, amuse and cajole people back into a greater respect for and acceptance of these wondrous animals.  That they may be honored as every living being deserves to be honored.

We are all One.  Harm to one is harm to all.

Here’s to a reunification of the Kingdoms.


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