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Cicada Song

I heard my first cicada of the year last Saturday as I was on my way to a Solstice ceremony.  The Solstice is the longest day of the year.  It is the beginning of the end for the plants that flourished and nourished us in early spring, both physically and spiritually and are going dormant or preparing to endure through the warmer months.  It is the end of the beginning for others – Echinacea and cosmos , tomatoes and summer squash, along with the grains that will ripen in autumn. 

A harbinger of the summer, Cicada makes her way up from the warm earth to exchange her drab nymph attire for that of the iridescent, eye-catching  cloak of the adult cicada.  Brilliant blue or green, Cicada appears around the Summer Solstice and begins singing to us all summer with a voice that starts small but crescendos to a full symphony in July, to slowly fade and fall silent as the Fall Equinox approaches.

Oh joy!  I heard my second cicada of the season today as I left the office where I work.  Not yet a full bodied song, but like an instrument being tuned in preparation for the orchestra performance to come.

And another one this evening in a friend’s garden :-).

I LOVE this time of year!  I offer my heartfelt welcome to Cicada, who sings the Song of Summer!