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Golden Girl Wisdom

It’s Spring and the Golden Girls are out in force. I’m referring, of course,DSCN1869 L.venusta crop2
to L. venusta;  tiny orb-weavers who look like dots of bright sunlight if you catch them at the right angle. Unlike their larger cousins, the Garden Spider, these ladies weave their webs more horizontally than vertically, making it at times difficult to navigate my small garden. Last year I even had one enthusiastic inhabitant build a web across the front porch in front of my door, anchoring one thread to a branch 5 feet up. Quite the impressive feat of spidery ingenuity, but unfortunately no match for an oblivious mailman hurrying on his rounds.

I took the time one day this past week to just sit outside and commune with the local tribe of Golden Girls in my front yard. I sat near one who had conveniently built her web such that it was blocking access to my garden hose coiled directly beneath.

As I quieted my mind and tuned into the energy of L. venusta, I felt a very calm, patient presence.

I have been looking at the concept of trust lately. How much I trust myself, others and the Universe. What creates or prevents trust? How does my self-trust influence my trust in others? How can my life change if I learn to fully trust that the Universe will provide all that I need?

So as I tuned into the energy of the Golden Girls, I sensed how they trust the Universe to supply their needs.

They do what they instinctively know to do – build a web – in the best place available to them for wherever they are at that moment. Afterwards, they settle into a quiet state, simply being, and knowing that what they need will come to them.  In some cases the web may be low to the ground. It may be high above if there are bushes or tall stalks. L. venusta doesn’t wander far and wide looking for the perfect spot; rather she works with the materials and conditions at hand.
~ Such a beautiful, simple lesson. DSCN1860 L.venusta crop2

~ It’s not about our surroundings.
~  It’s not about waiting for the right time circumstance.
~  It’s about doing your best with what you have now,
~               where you are now,
~              and who you are now.
~  Trusting the Universe to provide all that you need.

~  Thank you, Golden Girls, for the beautiful lesson.


A few days later I opened up the trunk of my car where a few pots remained from a recent foraging adventure. In one of the pots was a small brownish spider in her web. A gentle reminder.

Suffice to say that the pot was moved to a discrete location in my garden and Miss Spider relocated within 24 hours. But she wasn’t deterred by her momentary situation. She followed her instincts to build a web where she was at the time, trusting .

So what is your path? Where can you simply trust, follow what your intuition guides you to do, and take the next step? And the next one…. and the next…