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Crickets Call to Action




It’s 9 a.m. and the crickets are incessant. Their song is not as relaxed as I remember it in years past – and it has started earlier – much earlier. It started in July.

Summers here in Northern Virginia have a rhythm to them.

Fireflies June to August.
Cicadas starting in July and petering out in early September.

Crickets ushering in the Autumn. You hear their gentle song in the evening.

Not this year.

The fireflies came out in May, and I haven’t seen any for many weeks now – they are usually putting on their best show right now.

I heard the first Cicada in mid June although the full chorus didn’t start until July. Even so, it is not as loud and raucous as in years past.

But the crickets – ah, the crickets. Our harbingers of Fall came out in full force before Summer had even fully arrived. Yes, they are always present, our wonderful brown and black cleanup crew, but usually individual voices until they join together in mid to late August for the evening choir.

Not this year. This year they have been calling out since June. Louder in July. Now in early August they are incessant both morning and evening, and even throughout the day. Sounding almost frantic, like a kitchen timer in overdrive.

This summer has been different anyway. Milder; less intense heat and fairly wet until the last few weeks, but energetically as well – something that feels like the calm before the storm. And the crickets sound urgent.

The energies are changing.

They know this.

We need to pay attention.

Cave cricket“You can hear a lot more when you’re listening than when you’re talking”
~ Leon Shenandoah


We’re in the midst of the Lion’s gate .

We’re headed for a chaotic node .

The Earth, our Mother, who provides everything for us, has been deeply wounded and it is her time to heal.

How can I be of service at this time?

The crickets know what their role is as does every plant and animal attuned to Earth’s rhythms.

It is time for humanity to listen as well.Cricket2


“Don’t look for God in the sky; look within your own body.”
                                       ~ Osho

 It is time for each of us to connect to the Source, or God Being within and listen. Find out what our purpose is. Then act from that deep space of knowing, love and authenticity.

Just as the crickets are already doing.

The crickets are calling us to action. Are you listening?