An Unexpected Healing

DSCN2833 honeybee healingI was sitting outside on a chaise lounge reading when my eye was caught by movement in the dry grass to my left. A honeybee was scrambling frantically, unable to fly, but running, moving as fast as it possibly could. As I tuned in I got a sense of searing pain throughout the entire body that it was attempting to outrun. Pesticide is what came to mind.

I didn’t have my Healing Handbook * handy, but intention is key in any healing. I realized that I was caught up in the bee’s panic, so had to breathe, go into my heart space, and find peace so that I could offer healing. I started with Reiki.

The bee went from scrambling in a straight line to going more in circles near where I was holding my hands out to offer Reiki.

I then offered a process with the intention of healing the entire body and removing any toxins. The words may have been less than perfect, but the intent was pure; offer whatever healing the bee can accept to bring it into alignment with the plan that it and the Creator had agreed upon.

The bee stilled before I was finished speaking. I sent love and gratitude for the healing and went back to my book.

When I went back to check on the bee about 20 minutes later, she was dead. A perfect reminder that healing does not always mean repair of the physical body; it can take on various forms. Better dead than frantically trying to escape unbearable pain.

And how interesting that just a short time before, I was working on healing some old emotional pain in my own life; rewriting the story, forgiving myself, changing the past. Letting it go.

A friend once told me that pain is pain is pain. It doesn’t matter where it comes from, nor does it matter whether it is physical, emotional or mental. It is all the same; it is all an opportunity for growth.

As I offered healing to Bee, I offered that same healing myself – we are all one, after all.

The last thought I received from her was this quip:
~~~ Making the world a better place, one bug at a time ~~~

I like that.

Blessings to Honey Bee for our healing.





*The Healing Handbook offers a wonderful self-study method for learning to heal yourself, and everything around you. Anyone can use it. You can check out part of the content on Amazon.


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